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Marksmen and Com Laude work with leading brand owners and the world’s most highly rated law firms on both sides of the Atlantic. If you have experienced unresponsive account managers, incorrect invoicing, hidden surcharges or the like, there is a way to make it better. Turn to MCL Domains. We are bringing a new style of intelligent domain management to North America.

Marksmen is led by Jeff Crapo

“Jeff is one of those rare people where he can make things happen. He has the combination of extremely high integrity, business acumen, ability to see things that other people don't, and his never say never attitude..”
Drew Schulz, General Manager and CTO, Incentive Networks

Com Laude is led by Nick Wood and Lorna Gradden and Com Laude USA by Jeff Neuman:
“Exceptionally knowledgeable...the best in a complex business”
Legal Business Magazine